My name is Dr. Parthiban Santhanam and I am currently working on a startup company, Exergy Dynamics, Inc., which is commercializing efficient LED technologies including phonon recycling (patent pending, Current Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Previously I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University. While there I conducted research in nanophotonics for energy applications in Prof. Shanhui Fan's theoretical photonics group.

News & Updates.

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16 September 2015: I have moved to a single-founder startup, Exergy Dynamics, Inc.

1 April 2014: I have moved to a new lab at Stanford University.

3 November 2013: Applied Physics Letters has published our recent result of the first demonstration of an LED operating above unity wall-plug efficiency at room temperature.

17 September 2013: Applied Physics Letters has published our recent design results for a λ=2.15μm LED which exploits thermo-electric pumping to achieve a 20x improvement in efficiency at micro-watt power levels.

contact (omit ellipsis): santhanam_dot_part...hiban_at_gmail_dot_com